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Energy-efficient Eco-friendly zero-energy smart houses by Kalahouse are passive houses for active life. KalaHouse provides a comfortable microclimate where central heating systems and standard air conditioning are not used.

It is achieved by the following:

-The wall and floor systems of Kalahouse are complex, patented engineering constructions, which are made of natural material, which provides high seismic resistance, comfortable microclimate conditions of maximum energy efficiency and exquisite style both outside and inside the house. In walls construction Kalahouse uses elite timber species, solid multilayered LVL beam, best natural heat insulation of continuous basalt fiber BELTEP and premium Remmers coatings.

– House interior is decorated with oak lamella and fruit-bearing species of trees, walnut, pear, cherry, which have curative effect on human organism, possess cleansing and disinfecting properties, increase vital tonus and recover nervous system.

The exterior beam is initially covered with Remmers HK stain, which guarantees six-factor protection against blue stain, soft rot, algae, fungi, bark beetles and ultraviolet.

By using natural materials in interior design we reduce to zero static electricity and therefore there is no dust movement in the rooms. This is vital for people with allergies.

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